Saturday, May 30, 2009

The year is winding down...

Ok so update: It's been pretty boring around LLN lately. Bloclus just ended (that's UCL's dead days but it's actually dead weeks because it lasted for two). People are starting to come back but mainly just to study because exams have officially started! I don't have any next Friday but I'm already getting worried. I also haven't traveled very much lately because of exams and even more because of money, or lack of.

That said, I will be traveling a little bit more after exams before I leave. I just bought a ticket to Bratislava, from where I will then go to Vienna and Budapest. I'm pretty excited. I haven't been to any eastern European countries yet and I feel like everyone else here has so I'm glad to get the chance to go before I leave. I also think I'll be going to Berlin before I leave too, on my last weekend here. The end is nearing and it's bittersweet.

Fun fact: I met some kids from USC who are doing researching here for a month.

Another fun fact: I went to FĂȘte d'Iris in Brussels. I won't post a lot of pictures because I want to use some in my videos and don't want to show them all here but to give you an idea of what was there:

It was fun.